After my accident in 2009, I thought I would never get better. You made my back better and even straighter. I’m just happy my good friend Silvia told me to come to you.
Mrs. F. Blackstone

“My wife says you are not a doctor. She says you are a miracle worker. I think you are pretty damn good too. Thanks again for helping me with my pain issues.
Ben D.

“I can’t believe how much time I wasted trying one medication after the other, going from one doctor to the other, I even tried yoga. Nothing worked until I came to visit your office. You said you could help me and you did. Thanks so very much for giving me my life back.
Margie Franklyn

“Thanks Dr. Mehran,
You really helped to stop my headaches. Now, I work the entire day without taking even one migraine pill.
Regina Landers

“Dr. Soudbakhsh is one of the very best chiropractors I have ever met. I say this because he possesses an excellent bedside manner with the patients and because his skills in the area of manual manipulation are largely unmatched. He really cares to help people with nagging pain and he is a capable practitioner who understands the mechanics of auto accident injuries. I have recommended him to family and friends.
Adam S.